REGATTAS SAIL –  bring teamwork and competition.  Can be arranged for your team-building groups.  We can sail up to 4 sailing cats, or 6 high performance offshore raceboats.  We set the course, markers, keep the stats, handicap the boats, We have a committee boat with a race coordinator to manage the event.  Prizes or trophies can be offered to the winning team.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
    This would be a private  charter.  We  recommend that you contact our office for a customized proposal. To maximize your chances of getting the day that you prefer, please book well in advance!
  • What happens if it rains?
    Most of our sails will run in all light rain and other moderate weather conditions. In the rare event that we have to cancel a sail due to severe wind or weather, you will have the opportunity to reschedule your tickets or receive credit for a future event.
  • Is the trip suitable for pregnant women?
    Our boats are gentle and pregnant women shouldn’t have any problems, but if you are pregnant and concerned, you should check with your doctor before attending.
  • Is the boat handicapped accessible?
    The vessels are not  wheelchair accessible, but the crew is trained to assist you board and disembark. If you have further questions or concerns, please call and let us know about your particular situation.
  • What boat will be going on?
    We will most likely go out on one of our  55 Foot catamaran,  up to 49 passenger cat designed and is great to sail in the ocean  with comfort and speed! It has tons of deck space, a shaded bar and lounge, covered seating, a stairway to the sea and two marine heads!
  • Are there restrooms on board?
    Yes, there are two clean restrooms on board (for men and women) for your convenience.
  • How early should I arrive?
    We recommend arriving at least a half an hour beforehand, but the absolute deadline is 15 minutes early. If we don’t leave on time, we’ll miss the drawbridge and then the whole trip can be delayed for up to an hour! Please be respectful of other passengers and do not arrive late or you will miss the boat.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear casual clothes (no high heels) such as shorts, tee-shirts, caps, etc.  Boat shoes are recommended or white soled sneakers, tennis shoes.  Bring a camera to capture all the sights along the way.
  • Is the boat safe? Do you have life jackets?
    All of our vessels are safe and inspected regularly by the US Coast Guard. We do have more than enough life jackets on board.
  • Will there be music?
    Yes! We will play a variety of music including Calypso, Latin, Hits, Top 40 to put you in a relaxed tropical mood.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes! We have gift certificates for all of our trips. If you’re interested in purchasing a gift certificate, please look under our list on this website or call and let us know what you’d like!
  • Do you offer private charters?
    Yes,the sailing regattas and team building are private charter functions.  Oour vessels are great for any special event or group function. If you’re interested in a private charter, please call and let us know!


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